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Taking the stress out of electrical applications and giving you back your time.

EWR Applications

We are specialists at handling Electrical Work Requests (EWR). We submit the job for you so there’s no paperwork on your end. We then manage the entire application process and communicate with the Retailer until confirmation by the Distributor of the job is complete.
And that’s it! Give us the information and we’ll ring you back with the job confirmation.

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Pole to Pit Applications

We manage and submit Pole to pit applications with the distributor and marry the EWR to suit each work job according to the progress of the site. We can also communicate with your customer the obligations regarding costs and time frames as set out by the distributor and assist them with necessary paperwork.

How to get started

Retailer, Distributor and Customer Management

Spending time ringing retailers or distributors to ensure the correct paperwork has been submitted is time consuming and extremely frustrating! We know! Let us do it for you. We also contact the customer for you ensuring that they are aware of their responsibilities too.



Handling Electrical Work Requests (EWR) can be frustrating, complex and time wasting. Every Retailer has their own process as do the Power Distributing companies. 
Trying to chase up an EWR that you thought had gone through only to find out that a box wasn’t ticked, it didn’t have all the information on it or worse, it got cancelled for seemingly no reason. This upsets customers and leaves you frustrated.
 The amount of time wasted chasing up your application is better spent doing other things, so let us do it for you!

How to get started

Who we service

Property Developers
Real Estate Agents
Home Owners 

Who we are

With over 15 years experience within the power industry dealing with retailers and distributors we understand the frustration of the application process. Our priority is on great customer service and communication. Proudly Australian owned and run.

Loyalty reward program 

 Any REC or client that is registered on our database and refers a friend or customer to our services resulting in an application, instantly gains a $50 gift card! That’s a thank-you from us for recommending our services.


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